Father, help us learn from the poor


Father, what a better world it would be if we learned from the poor

to be servants of Your love

Give from Your heart in us to the poor, who Your love can’t get enough of

Lord, give us open hearts to the poor

Learn from them as they come to our door

Hear the stories of their hearts

Take the time the gift of Your inner healing love to them impart

Many sad faces have I seen

The damage to the dignity of the poor from those who are ignorant, those who are mean

The destruction from those who judge the poor as being nothing

when in Your eyes they are beautiful; they are really quite something!

Father, You shape us all into the people You want us to be,

that our lives would reflect that of Jesus, the man from Galilee

The One who made the lame to walk, the blind to see not just with their eyes,

but also with their spirituality.

He who gave His life at Calvary so from all darkness we would be forever set free

Thank you for loving a sinner like me

Oh, God, how can we thank You enough for salvation’s loving gift?

For Your willingness to allow Your one and only Son to die

Love that did not pass us by

Burning love give to us for the poor in body and spirit You to us bring

Let us for them a song of love’s sweet refrain to their weary spirits sing

Father, we have so much to learn from the poor

Be willing to be taught by them what it means to care

What it means from our many blessings with them to share

The love that can be found in community

The hope of Christ that to all of us He can give

Two open hands to others because Jesus does in our spirit live

When you see a homeless person out on the street

Cold, hungry, feeling all alone, please take time to get to know their name

Be taught by that person through their story

Show that hurting soul in despair that you are there, that you care

Working together we need to learn from the poor how we can lift them out of poverty,

so that a brighter tomorrow they see, where no longer will they need to decide to

pay their rent or food or medication, because we joined together to end poverty

with an undying dedication.

Lord, please teach me, teach all of us how we can learn from the poor,

that poverty would one day be no more.

Dr. Kevin James Osborne D.D., D.Sc., Psy. D. (Cand.) is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Advancement for St. James the Elder University. If you would like to speak with him about becoming a student or just want someone who will pray with you, you can contact him at kevin@youcanhopeagaincounselling.com. You can call him at (705)316-0725. You can reach Patriarch Paul, who is President of St. James the Elder University at (904)805-6163. His email address is bewart3804@comcast.net Here’s the link for the school. http://www.stjamestheelder.org/ As a fundraiser for a church that will have a university and seminary as well as a medical and counselling centre where NO ONE will be denied care, we are offering a greatly reduced price of $2,500 for our combined Master to Doctoral Programs in Psychology and Theology. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing degree programs in Social Work. If God is tugging at your heart to study with us take a leap of faith and listen to it. You never know where it may lead.

4 responses to “Father, help us learn from the poor

  1. Kevin, sorry was not done but! I will add your tag line to my contacts and I understand about pneumonia! I have slept so much because I have been so sick. I had the flu despite having a flu shot. So it’s been nearly 2 months since I have had my body in church! Thank goodness for recordings of the teachings. Anyhow, it is sooo hard! My mom is in Boston currently (last 3 months) so I have to be ok. Anyhow yes I just lost a friend to Leukemia over the weekend! She and others expected her to conquer this but God wanted her to not suffer. It is hard not to speak my testimony of life. God is good..

  2. Congratulations Kevin on your appointment of Vice President for Institutional and Mission Development I rejoice with you my friend!! The road has been long but well worth it!

    • Sandy, thank you for your warm-hearted congratulations. I am honored to have been chosen by God through my mentor, Patriarch Paul a.ka. Dr. Heyward Bruce Ewart for this exciting role. You could help us out by letting your contacts know about how they can graduate without debt with a comprehensive Master to Doctoral program in Psychology and Theology for only $2,500 U.S. Our Psychology program has been recently accredited with a division of the American Psychological Association.

      My pneumonia is a little better, but just doing something normally as simple as washing the dishes and I get really wheezy and short of breath. I think I’ll have to go on IV antibiotics. Four rounds on oral ones have knocked this darn bug down but it’s still greatly affecting my stamina. I have been majoring in horizontal meditation zzzzz. I get frustrated because there is more I’d like to be doing to help Karen. I do a task to help and then that’s usually all I can do for the day.

      I have a friend named John-Doug, who has an advanced cerebral palsy. He said he had to keep praying for me to get a new immune system because my body kept using them up. I pray for a complete healing of my mastocytosis. Whether God will do that or not remains to be seen. I know there are those times our Father doesn’t heal someone because that is their journey for His Kingdom purposes. I feel I can be open with you about the way I feel without being accused of lack of faith or having no faith at all.

      God does give us tough callings. He is doing that with you, Sandy. Yet, there you are not giving up continuing to shine for your Lord. What a testimony you have! Have you ever considered taking that testimony and sharing it where God leads?

      Would you be interested in becoming a student at St. James the Elder University. If so, I would be willing to write a glowing recommendation of your character as I have seen it blossom through the years we have known one another.



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