What Living and Healing Love Means

pastoral prayer

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Almighty God, help us each day to see that life is a gift. Each breath we breathe is a gift. Each beat of our heart is a gift. Yet, this is a gift not merely for us, but also those You bring into our path. Father, help us to give the gift of Your love in us away to others. Help us to remember that we are here to touch others with the gift of Your love poured out and running over.

Bring rivers of healing into the lives of all those who are in burnout. Let them feel no guilt about taking time for themselves to rest. Protect them from those who would seek to do them harm, by making them feel guilty about taking vital time to renew their weariness, to restore them to full health in body, mind and spirit. Guard them from hurting themselves through false guilt, that comes from those who say they are not working hard enough. Give those in burnout the courage to assert their right to take time for themselves. Father, many who serve You have become so worn down by unreasonable demands placed upon them, that they are breaking emotionally and physically under the pressure. Speak to their wounded hearts only as You can.

Breathe into us a sense of purpose to our lives. Where we cannot see Your direction, give us the eyes to see it. Sometimes, Your calling to us is a whisper. Other times it is a shout so loud, we cannot help but hear You calling to us.

Draw us to times of stillness. Father, how much we all need to be quiet before You. We need to appreciate the healing value of silence. If we take time to listen we can hear You speak to us through feeling the sweet and embracing caress of Your wind. We will see the trees dance with the wind. We will hear Your love breathed into our hearts in the play of children, in hearing the healing joy of their laughter.

Help us to take time to enjoy life. Turn our eyes away from the consuming power of the Internet and social media to have times of playing, to remember what it was like to laugh as children. Let us take time to learn what it means to have a child-like enthusiasm about life, by learning from children what it means to awaken our inner child.

Heal the wounds of the abused who have had a painful childhood. Give to them a new inner child, who enjoys life. Let Your healing flow into their hearts. Speak to them about the destructive power of holding in their hate and anger. Grant to them counsellors who will guide them in their journey to inner healing. Give them patience to know that healing from abuse takes time. For me, Father, it has taken over 52 years. I am still finding I have yet to heal more from the physical and emotional abuse of my schizophrenic father. I am thankful that You have helped me forgive him.

Father, please show Karen and I where we can help in the inner healing of others. Bring to us the people You want us to help. Open our eyes to those who suffer physical, sexual,emotional and spritual damage, which is robbing them of the joy for life You want them to have.

Let us all be missionaries of the heart, feeling and knowing that the wounded are all around us, if we take time to see, if we take time to listen.

Give us love that gives expecting nothing in return. Freely as You have given of Your love for us, give us willing hearts to give that love away.

Help us to shine our light for You in an encouraging word, prayer, in acts of kindness.

Give us the courage to show terrorists, that there is more love in this world than hate, more compassion than indifference, more equality than inequality.

Thank you for loving us sinners saved by grace, who fall from the mark of being perfected in love. Change us within. Give us new spiritual hearts. Increase our love for others. Let us not be imprisoned by being too guilty about our sin. That is where darkness would seek to keep us. If we are on the journey of being more loving people let us be satisfied with that, lest we should be caught in the vicious circle of guilt You don’t want us to have, if we have confessed our sins to You.

If we have harmed others by our actions, give us the willingness to go to those we have hurt and ask for their forgiveness.

Burn out of us anything which is unlike You, whether that is pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, vanity or the judgment of others. As Your Son says in Your Holy Word, “Why do you look at the speck in someone else’s eye when there is a plank in your own?”

Thank you for Your love.

Help us to live the reason why we are here.


Karen Osborne B.A. Christian Clinical Counseling St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, graduate divinity student at Trinity College University of Toronto. Kevin Osborne, B. Th. Canada Christian College & Graduate School. B.A., M.A. Christian Clinical Counseling, M.A-Th.D. Applied Theology student majoring in Psychology St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, D.D., D. sc., Diplomate in Traumatology American Board of Traumatology Examiners of St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, Diplomate in Creative Ministry St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin Osborne is a member of The Word Guild, which is a Christian writer’s group that invites membership all around the world. Please go to https://thewordguild.com for further information.


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