What is the meaning of life?

more to life than occupied with meaning of it

A student walks into his philosophy professor’s office and and says, “I have spent the past year delving into thoughts from Nietzche, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Socrates,  Kafka , St. Francis of Assisi and St. Augustine on the meaning of life. I still have no concrete answer.” Confused and perplexed he asks his professor, “What is the meaning of life?” The professor gets up from his desk and opens a cupboard. Inside it is a baseball, bat. glove and a baseball hat. He puts on the hat, grabs the baseball, bat and glove and says to the student, “Get out and enjoy life! You are spending too much time thinking. You find the meaning of life by living it, laughing and loving others.” The student exclaims in frustration, “That’s too simple!” The professor says softly yet with earnestness, “Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest for us to do. Now, go out and have fun!”

What is the meaning of your life? You have the professor’s answer. We find the meaning of life by living it.and giving the life we have been given as a blessing of love to others.

Kevin Osborne, B.A. in Clinical Christian Counseling St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, BTh Canada Christian College & Graduate School, D.D., D Sc., Diplomate in Creative Ministry and his wife, Karen, B.A. in Clinical Christian Counseling St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, graduate divinity student Trinity College University of Toronto, are graduate Christian counseling students at St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin is a certified Christian counselor. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada.


2 responses to “What is the meaning of life?

  1. Kevin, the professor’s answer reminds me of the simplicity of the Gospel. Too often we try to complicate things when the wisest thing we can do is to be like children. Answers to life’s questions are a by-product of living.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • Yes, it can be that simple. Yet, there are those who think they are communicating their message of God’s love by putting so much scholarly exegesis into the breaking of God’s Word that the simple truth of God’s love for me a sinner gets lost. I once listened to a seminary student give a devotional message to a youth group. He was so scholarly in what he said that he lost the attention not only of the youth but the adults as well.

      When my grandmotrher was a child she had faith God would provide an Easter dress she saw in a shop window. She faithfully prayed every day for it. She was prepared for God to say no. When her parents told the shop owner how much their daughter wanted the dress he gave it to them for a huge reduction in price.

      That Easter she wore her dress thanking and praising God for such a beautiful gift of His love.

      My grandmother while having a simple child-like trusting faith in God also possessed a strong and inspiring faith. There was a depth to her faith journey tested through World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. She saw the physical and emotional wounds of war in many. Every day of her married life she heard her husband, P.F.C. Sandford Dobson coughing for over half an hour from the effects of mustard gas. Through this and later his death from a third heart attack my grandmother’s enduring faith in God’s strength and His guidanmce kept her fighting on.

      Through wars and the Great Depression my grandmother’s beautiful child-like faith kept her going when many sunk into bitterness and rage against God.

      Yes, often those with that beautiful child-like confidence in Christ can teach us the most about what it really means to believe and know God is with you through every circumstance.

      Please feel free to drop by any time and share your thoughts. They always bring me closer to my Lord.


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