Who would like to be my business manager?

tenor cartoon

 Okay, so I don’t always dress this formal when I sing or write:)          


I have two conditions that make it much more difficult for me to manage my writing and singing career. They are: 1) Systemic mastocytosis and 2) Adie’s Pupil. Systemic mastocytosis is a rare auto immune condition in which I have too many mast (immune & systemic) cells. We all need mast cells because they form part of our immune system and are throughout our body. In my case I have too much of a good thing because I have way too many mast cells. My wife, Karen, calls it ‘allergy on steroids.’ I tell people it is a neighbourhood block party out of control. It takes the mast cell police in the form of mast cell stabilizers to break up this unruly party. I keep telling these pesky mast cell party crashers to behave themselves, but they refuse to listen to me.:) The condition affects my energy.  Adie’s Pupil is a recent eye condition. It is likely as a result of an auto immune condition. I have nerve palsy in my right eyelid. I cannot open my right eye properly. The right pupil is larger than the left. The risk is that with increased light sensitivity and having an auto immune condition I could get Adie’s Pupil in the left eye. Over time I could become blind or at the very least have significantly reduced vision.

I need someone who will take on the role of being my business manager in two key areas: 1) writing and 2) managing a singing and song writing career. I  have written over 375 blog pieces on my blog Dreaming Together for a Better World. This blog has prayers, poems, song lyrics, short stories, articles, social commentary pieces, book and music reviews, to name some of the types of writing that I do. I seek to inspire and encourage people how they can contribute to building better communities and a more just society as they seek to be the change Gandhi called us to be in this world. We do this through our willingness to grow as individuals and helping others.

I already have enough pieces for an e-book entitled Prayers & Poems from the Garden. I have a book synopsis for the story of my life entitled God’s Miracles for Him. Another alternative title is From Abuse to Alleluia. I have started writing blog pieces on subjects of interest to children called Heart Talks with Dr. Teddy. Dr. Theodore Teddy is a teddy bear psychologist with special powers, who is also part human. I will also be writing more pieces about abuse written from the perspective of a male who has been abused in childhood and adult life by his schizophrenic father. A fellow writer has advised me that it is hard to find books written about abuse from a male perspective.

I firmly believe that if a manager could basically be the conductor of a literary, singing and song writing orchestra that this would be a successful partnering of my creative ability with a person with a knowledge of the literary and music industry.  I am a trained tenor who can sing acapella. I specialize in singing hymns and Christian classical songs. I can also sing songs from musicals. I am open to any further training to make my voice the best it can be. The songs I write seek to encourage people in their life’s journey. They are written from a Christian world view.

I am a rather busy fellow already in graduate training to become a Christian psychotherapist and minister. Karen is a Master of Divinity student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. My wife and I are in the final stages of starting a Christian counseling practice. So, you can see there are many activities in our lives to manage.

People have told me that the story of my life, a summary of which you can read in my blog piece, A Boy’s Calling to be a Missionary of the Heart, could become a best seller. It is an inspiring overcoming story about how I as an abused boy go on to serve my Lord and be one of God’s healers of the abused.  With that right open door many have said that the story of my life could become a T.V. movie.

I will give reasonable compensation in the amount and form that is mutually agreeable to the person selected. I want to emphasize that if the fit is right between us that I would be open to this being an ongoing arrangement.

I have a keen interest in poverty alleviation. I would want a percentage of any sales to go to a deserving charity.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility further could you please email me your resume and cover letter to osborne2029@gmail.com

In your cover letter please respond to this question: If you were to become my business manager what would you do to ensure I was successful? My primary concerns are your ability to do the work and open doors of opportunity for me. If you help me succeed I will reward you suitably.

Thank you to all who apply. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Osborne, B.Th. with honours, D.D., D. Sc., Diplomate in Creative Ministry, is training to be a Christian psychotherapist through St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. He will be a Master of Divinity student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. He will soon be opening a Christian counselling practice called You Can Hope Again with his wife, Karen, who is an M. Div. student at Trinity College. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada. We are available to go where God sends us to do His will preaching, teaching, singing, giving marriage enrichment seminars or however needed. You can reach me at my email address osborne2029@gmail.com

May the Lord pour His richest blessings into every area of your life!


3 responses to “Who would like to be my business manager?

  1. Powerful men and women of God. This is not my calling. “Success” and remuneration are not my calling. But I applaud your calling, your pragmatic focus. Your can do gotta do going to do attitude. I wish you both well in your calling and guidance.

    • Thank you for your affirming comments and best wishes. I have put out this ad here and on the professional network Linkedin because my disability income does not provide for my extensive medical needs. It is not my desire to become a wealthy man. I only want a life in which there is not this constant struggle every month that has our friends helping with our needs. My story is only one of many. There are many people with abilities on government disability who don’t get either the work or training opportunities they need. There needs to be more out-of-the-box thinking and the inclusion of the voices of the disabled and the community in addressing this serious societal problem.

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