Grace of Christ come alive in me

birds greetrng morning with Scripture verse

Grace of Christ come alive in me
Let my morning song rise to Thee
You are the God who sees my heart
That has me singing how great Thou art

I am thankful as I greet this new day
You’ll be with me all the way
In my thoughts and in each prayer
I feel Your loving spirit there

Love for each soul You bring to me
That in me Your forever love they’d see
In their questions and in each doubt
Help me show what Your love is all about

Father, teach me what I need to know
That I would Your light in me show
There are so many struggling to see
That You love them now into eternity

Thank you for this day you’ve given me
Your morning light draws my soul to Thee
I worship You and praise Your holy name
Through this day I  will Your love proclaim

–Kevin Osborne

Kevin’s wife,Karen, is a Master of Divinity student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. She will be his partner in the Christian counselling practice they will be starting. Kevin, B.Th with honours, D.D., D.Sc, Diplomate in Creative Ministry is a writer along with Karen and singer/song writer, who is training to be a Christian psychotherapist.with St. James the Elder Theological Seminary and in January 2015 will be continuing Master of Divinity training with Karen. They are both members of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada. They are available to preach, give motivational and inspirational talks or speak about marriage enrichment.They can be contacted at

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