Darling, God’s love is a splendid thing

april rose in spring

This love poem is dedicated to God and my wife, Karen. Based on lyrics by Paul Francis Webster of Love is a many splendored thing

Darling, God’s love is a splendid thing

He’s our Lord who has been with us through everything

When I met you that first time at a Bible study I saw a butterfly in a cocoon

How I prayed that the butterfly would come out soon

I heard you as you shared with me your pain

Prayed one day you would sing healing love’s sweet refrain

I kept telling you how beautiful you are

When so many said you were ugly and left a searing scar

Through times of nearing death many a time

You have given with a love that does put in my heart Heaven’s love rhyme

In times when you give me your sweet caress

I am reminded of how with God’s love He does us all bless

Karen, no matter what this life does bring you

Know that God’s love does continue

His love is a splendid thing

It’s His April breath in the rose of spring

It’s in the summer joy of children playing

It’s in the autumn leaves of yellow, orange and red

It’s in the winter as we see the snowflakes falling as we are in bed

My darling, you have been with me through so many a thing

Being married to you is like the fresh breath of spring

You put a song each day in my heart

Remind me of God’s love that never does depart

Show me by the many things you do for me

That God’s love in us is always free

It’s His way of giving

The life that’s in our living

His golden crown of love that comes through suffering

Because once on that lonely hill at Calvary

Our saviour gave the love that is truly free

By dying on the cross of cruelty

Free for all who would take time to see

By saying, “Lord, here I am with all my sin

Let Your life dwell with me within

Put a new song in my heart

You have the kind of love that never does depart

Your love beats within my soul

Your love is a splendid thing”

Love of my life next to God

Let us value each day God gives us

Each breath is His breath of spring

Each smile is the joy of His summer laughter

Each autumn leaf falling from the trees reminds us of His love that sets us free

Each winter’s snowflake is His kiss coming to us from the sky

All these things remind us of our Father Adonai

God’s love is with us always my darling

His love is a splendid thing


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