Love in Snowflakes

boy looking at snowflakes

The boy sees snowflakes falling from the sky

He is reminded of the love of his Father Adonai

The Love that is for you and for me

The Light of Christ that sets the captive free

The beauty that can be in each soul

When we make loving others our Kingdom goal

Take time as you go about your day

To thank Christ who your sin debt did pay

For our saviour who died at Calvary

For the blood that was shed for you, for me

When the boy feels the chill of the November air

He feels the love of God that is there

It warms his soul in a way he can’t fully explain

Reminds him that his Lord was for sinners slain

That He came into people’s lives filled with despair

Said in your pain feel My Spirit there

I am with you even when you think I am not

I am there when your heart is filled with sin’s dark rot

I can remove sin’s darkest spot

If you would say Father, here I fall before Your feet

Put in this weary soul a brand new beat

A heart that reaches out to the other

Compassion for my sister, my brother

With You there is no black, there is no white

You treat each one as being equal in Your sight

So when you see a snowflake falling from the sky

Take time to think of Father Adonai

Feel His love speaking to your wounded soul

When life’s crushing weight takes its heavy toll

When the way you cannot see

He’ll show you the way out of when the path you do not know

If you would take His hand and say Lord I need You so

My life is tossed about and I can’t sleep at night

I see darkness where I need to see light

I want to feel hope but can only feel despair

Father, are You really there?

He says in your doubt and in your fear

In only ways you can hear

I’ve never left you

Do you not see My love as the child looks at the snowflakes falling from the sky?

In the trees, the birds that fly with grace through the air

You will find My Spirit there

You can cast on Me your every care

So you can be free inside like the eagle flying through the sky

Because I will always be your Father Adonai

The Love that will never pass you by

Like those snowflakes falling from the sky

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