When you can’t see the way


Friend, when you can’t see the way

When you find it hard believing there will be a better day

In your clouds of doubt

When you wonder what your life is all about

The bills are high

Your spirit is low

You can’t sleep at night tossed to and fro

You believe in God

You try your best to follow Him

But you are denying the doubt inside of you

Believing what others have said

That if you can’t see the way

Your faith is weak or you have no faith at all

If this is what you’ve been told my Father wanted me to say

Child, it’s okay when you don’t always know the way

If you had no doubt you’d take no time for Me

You wouldn’t need Me for your today or your tomorrow

You wouldn’t need Me in your times of grief and sorrow

You could stand on your own

You would have no need to connect with Me

Because your way you’d always be able to see

I know life has been rough for you

You’re feeling battered, bruised and blue

The hits of life keep coming and coming

They will not relent

Your hope is waning

Your strength is spent

Know that I love you when you can’t see the way

I’ll be with you through your doubt, through your fear

I’ll guide you through the fog ’til your way is clear

All you need to do is hold My hand

In your weakness I’ll help you stand

No, I don’t always change the equation of all you go through

I have My reasons I don’t expect you to understand

They’re all part of my divinely woven plan

A calling that is uniquely suited to you

When you don’t know the way

When the path of your life is unclear

I will be your eyes that help you see

I will be your eyes from now into eternity







2 responses to “When you can’t see the way

    • Yes, He does. Sometimes, we are too blind or in such a fog in our life that we fail to see His guiding hand.

      Love your profile statement and beautiful smile you shine for your Lord!

      Thank you for taking time to share.

      May the Lord shower His richest blessings into every area of your life.


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