For your sacrificial service we thank you

coffin carried by R.C.M.P, officers

Dear reader: This is my gift to the fallen R.C.M.P. officers’ families, all who serve as police officers, my beautiful Canada and the world. Thank you for your honourable service. I pray this prayer poem helps in your grieving process.


For those who go into harm’s way to keep us from harm

Those who give their lives in times of alarm

You brave souls, courageous true

You who wear the red, who wear the blue

We are thankful for all who give

Sacrifice their lives that we can live

The officers on the beat

Who share their compassion on the street

Who smile as they go by to all they meet

For those three fallen R.C.M.P. officers we do cry

And wonder why there is so much hate in this world

Why we need to see the Canadian flag on the coffins as they go by

We thank the loved ones who make their sacrifice each day

As their spouse goes into harm’s way

Let us never forget you

You who wear the red, who wear the blue

And let us all say a prayer for all those who mourn

That we would all love those who are forlorn

And for the community of Moncton and all of us who need to heal

Let us show each other that we care

Knowing that all of us your grief do share




2 responses to “For your sacrificial service we thank you

  1. As a Canadian and as a citizen, I am shocked by this senseless act of violence. In a world filled with so much hate, indifference and inequality, we need to do our individual and collective part to make this a more loving world. I hope in some way this prayer poem has helped with that.

    Karen says, ” Darling, you have put into words what is on many hearts, who just can’t find those words to express what they feel.”

    I thank God for this ability, which comes with a great responsibility to articulate the individual thoughts of others.

    I have emailed this prayer poem to R.C.M.P. Headquarters in the hope that it will help those three families and all the officers and their families who are grieving.

    I just finished watching the memorial service on the C.B.C. The memories shared of lives lived well and those wives, who will never see their husbands on this earth, children and the child yet to be born who will never have the blessing of their father’s hugs, the tragedy that leaves me saddened.

    The world is in mourning, a little sadder, a lot more terrified.

    Yet, if we live our lives in fear then we allow the darkness, the insidious joy-stealing evil to win. I know Cst. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, Cst. David Joseph Ross and Cst. Douglas James Larche would want us to live life not with fear, but rather an enduring resolve that we will not let the messengers of hate, indifference, injustice and inequality win. Light will defeat the darkness. Love will conquer hate. And then we all will win.

    I pray that as the prayer poem makes it’s way to all the hearts who need its message of hope and love, that they too will not feel darkness has won, but that love has won as we all pull together to help each other through this time of great and agonizing sorrow in each heart and in our world.

    We will remember them and honour them by living as they would want us to live, one life giving to another life in a continuous wave of love.



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