Your Blesssing Prescription

God's prescription

The Lord bless every area of your life

Guide you in times of strife

Let His love pour deep inside of you

Know this to be true

His love is His blessing to be with you day and night

Take you from the darkness

Lead you to the Light

Free you from your prisons of abuse and fear

Knowing that your Lord is always near

You are the apple of His eye

He’s your Lord Adonai

Know this in your heart to be true

God always loves you

You are not the lies you have been told

You needed warming love and all you got was cold

God gives us His heavenly prescription

For those caught in sin’s addiction

It’s  a medication to be taken every day

That’s the blessing to you the Lord wants to give

To those who can only hate and not forgive

If you think such a thing you cannot do

Think of Christ who was willing to die for you

Who said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”

Lead all to the joy of knowing You

Love that gave and gave some more

Love that shows all of us the open door

For the rich, the searching and the poor

The door that opens our hearts to forgive

That leads us from darkness and despair

To the heart of the One who does care

The blessing of His forever love is for all who say today

My heart to You, oh God I do give

And for the rest of my life for You I’ll live

That sin would die in me and in Your love I’d be set free

That’s a blessing prescription we need to pray we all can see

The gift of His amazing love for you and for me
















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