For duty nobly done

Please prayerfully reflect on the song The Green Fields of France by the singer, John McDermott.

On Monday, November 11th it will be Remembrance Day. I wrote this prayer poem to remember the sacrifice nobly given by the many millions of soldiers, who have died in war and for those who are its survivors.

My bompa (British term for grandfather) lied about his age to enlist in the infantry division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force when he was only 17.

For Duty Nobly Done

My grandfather was 17 when he signed up for W.W. 1.

He lied about his age to join the fray

He fought that peace would come one day

He received a medal for duty nobly done

He saw his buddy beside him bloodied and dead

Alive one moment was his dear friend

And dead the next in the cruelty of war

My grandpa fought in foxholes cold and damp

Mustard gas did he breathe in

He coughed and hacked every day

His youth stolen away in war’s hellish existence

A soldier in battle

A warrior in life

As a boy of five I heard him say

Kevin, whatever you do, do with your might

For things done by halves are never done right

Bompa, you taught me well

Taught me to stand up for what is right

To fight for the freedom of one and all

Freedom that can live within the human heart

Freedom that hopes to fight another day

Love that conquers hate

To all who fight the battle true

For you, for me and all who know

Know that life is a gift from our Father’s hands

A gift of love to be valued

Let us all say a prayer of thanks for soldiers who did their duty well

Who sacrificed for us in their fiery hell

They fought and many died that we might live

Live to speak of truth and love

Of a mercy that comes from above

For love of God and country they  did fight and die

So, when you see a soldier wearing  poppy red

Thank them all and honour the memory of the dead

Yes, honour the memory of the dead

There is a Heaven that can be here

If we love one another and pray

That wars would end on this earth one day

And peace and brotherhood would be here to stay

An optimistic dream to hope for a world without war ’tis true

But I wouldn’t want to look a soldier in the eye

Or tell my grandpa that we didn’t give peace a try

So, no more soldiers would have to die

So, no more soldiers would have to die

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