God’s letter written on a deer

Yesterday, I received God’s letter written on a deer.

My wife, Karen and I, had the blessing of a thanksgiving dinner with friends in North Bay, which is in northern Ontario. On our way there a deer crossed the highway. It was taking its time sauntering across the road as if it had all the time in the world. As I got thinking about that deer, my spirit was moved to reflect upon that beautiful piece of Scripture from the Psalms, “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God” (Ps. 42:1, KJV).

The Scripture reminds me of the song As the deer. I pray you will be blessed by the video of it below.

David was living this Scripture. He was fleeing from King Saul and the army of soldiers that had been selected to kill him, because he was perceived by King Saul as being a threat to the king continuing his reign. We read in verse three that tears had been David’s constant companion day and night. The King James Version says that crying had been David’s meat, while the New American Standard version says that tears had been David’s food.

The image of the deer thirsting for water is compared to how we long to know our Lord with not just our mind, but moreover our heart.  How well do you know the spirit of the Lord in your life?

As we saw the leaves on the trees with a blending of red,orange and yellow, we were thankful for this North Bay Thanksgiving, to be reminded of God’s love poured out for all of us in the beauty of His creation. Perhaps, the Lord was giving us comfort as we grieve the loss of our dear friend, Kathie, from heart failure.

Kathie was kind of like a mother to me. She was always interested in how things were going for me. I lost my mother three days before Christmas 1992 from a brain infection called encephalitis, combined with a massive heart attack. It feels like another mother has died. I know now that’s why the grieving is hitting me harder.

By the grace of God I am finding my way through this time of loss with His help. I am comforted knowing Kathie is  with her Lord, where she has no more pain or sorrow.

In times of grief  we all need a quiet place of rest in our spirit from the noise of life that is all around us. Like the deer that needs water to survive, so too do we need the life-giving refreshment that comes from trusting God for all the circumstances of our life.

We had a wonderful and joyous time of thanking God for the blessings of our life as we ate our supper. Yet, the far greater blessing was when the Lord put that deer in our sight. It was God’s reminder to keep close to His heart, especially as we grieve the loss of a close friend. She was one of Christ’s ambassadors of hope for the poor, hurting, dejected and rejected.

See you in Heaven, Kathie, when our work for our Lord is done.


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