The Consumer & Attendant Breakfast Special

I believe God calls us to have a sense of humour. Don’t you just at times feel so dragged down and sad in your spirit about all the conflict, poverty and inhumanity in our world? We all need times of respite, of peace amidst all the noise and clamour of our lives to just have a rip-roaring good laugh.

Picture what it was like in the 1940s. It was the time of  World War 2, the Andrew sisters and Major Glenn Miller as he conducted a traveling military band as bombs and artillery shells could be heard around them.

I believe there was a greater creativity then in people in general. As they would listen to the radio they would create images in their mind what the detective Dick Tracy must have looked like or envisioned how Sherlock Holmes would have looked.

Below, are a couple of videos to recreate the 1940s for you in your mind.

In war people needed comedy to keep their sanity. Major Glenn Miller would never be coming home. So many husbands would never embrace their wives again. So many children would never see their fathers again.

In this time of conflict in Syria and in many countries, we need to take a break from all the stories of men, women and children killed by senseless barbaric violence. So, let us travel back in time to the 1940s and have a time of laughter to give some much-needed life back to our hearts weary of hearing bad news.

For those who aren’t aware of what I mean by consumer it is a person with physical and/or develoipmental challenges receiving attendant care support services.

This is my gift to all of you. Please feel free to use the radio play in community and church fundraising.

I hope you will enjoy “The Consumer & Attendant Breakfast Special.”

Have a light-filled life!


Let us remember in prayer those who have lost their lives to the horror of war. I offer this poem for your prayerful reflection.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

When nations turn from peace to war,
Each soul must question why…
When Death itself is at the door,
To bring its long goodbye…
To think, that leaders lead us all,
To back them to the hilt.
It’s then we see our heroes fall,
When each of them is killed…
When little children shake their heads,
Disgusted at such things,
It’s right to pray beside our beds,
Condemning what war brings.
The need for guns and bullets grows
And even bombs are made –
Efficiently Man fights his foes
And in their graves they’re laid…
Who knows the good they could have done,
If peace had been their lot,
Instead of wars that must be won,
When nations turn from God?
If only love lived in each heart,
We’d share God’s Paradise,
Instead of this, new conflicts start
And blood’s our sacrifice…
For some, the cost was loss of health…
For some, it’s wasted time…
For some, the cost was death itself,
When they were in their prime.
Is this the wisest way to live,
With bombs and bullets, too?
Christ’s sacrifice helps God forgive
The evil that men do…

Denis Martindale

The Consumer & Attendant Breakfast Special

Marcus: Good morning, Kevin. How are you today?Attendant sings like Pavarotti raising his voice to a loud crescendo when asking the question How are you today?

Kevin:  Marcus, I feel great today. I was greeted by the sound of a robin singing. It was going tweet tweet tweet. Then, I heard the sound of a cricket with its mating call, “Cricket. Cricket.” Oh, it’s a beautiful morning. Oh, it’s a beautiful day. Marcus is here to serve me. Everything’s  going my way.” Song is sung with lightness to the tune of Everything’s Going My Way from the musical Oklahoma.

Marcus: Oh, Kevin, I so much agree it is a glorious and grand day! The birds are singing. The sun is shining. I am so happy I’m dancing on cloud nine. There is music in my heart today. There is sunshine in my soul. I can’t help it. I have so much joy! I could just break out into song. I think I will. Is that okay with you, Kevin?

Kevin: Sing your heart out, Marcus.

Marcus: Consider myself your attendant. Consider yourself one of the family. We’ve taken to you so strong it’s clear we’re going to get along.

Kevin: Marcus, I just feel so happy I could sing too.

Marcus: Oh, Kevin, I’d love to hear you sing.

Kevin: The sun is dancing all around as it shines on everything in my apartment. Oh, yes Marcus, I must sing to greet the new day.

Edelweiss, edelweiss

Ev’ry morning you greet me
Small and white
Clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever

Marcus: Sighs and takes a deep breath in. Kevin, that song from The Sound of Music just wants to make me dance and sing. Marcus begins to dance and sing. I could have danced all night. I could have danced all night, and danced the night away. I could have made a thousand meals and peeled banana peels and worked with joy all day. I could have…”

Kevin:   Kevin interrupts. Marcus, all this singing has made me really hungry. I’d like you to make me some breakfast, please.

Marcus: Kevin, a thousand pardons. I forgot I’m here to serve you. What gourmet feast can I prepare for you? Sung like an opera singer.

Kevin: I would like a burger with two pickles,  special sauce, lettuce, cheese, and onions on a sesame seed bun. Have it my way. Have it my way. Because I deserve a break today. I need to get up and get away to go shopping.

Marcus: Special orders don’t upset us. Beef burger, pickles, special sauce, cheese and lettuce. Kevin, you’ll have it your way. You’ll have it your way. Sung to McDonald’s commercial theme song. Marcus finishes cooking Kevin’s burger. He even super sizes the fries.

Kevin: Thank you, Marcus. Kevin starts eating the burger. Marcus, no one makes a hamburger like you. I forgot to ask for some coffee.

Marcus: Have you tried Marcus’ Coffee au lait a la fromage?

Kevin: Marcus, you have made coffee with milk and cheese in it? Won’t that taste really strange?

Marcus: You’ll love it, Kevin. Imagine for a moment being able to have coffee with milk and cheese in it. Marcus proceeds to do 1940s style commercial from the days of radio.

Welcome to The Consumer and Attendant Breakfast Special. I’m your host Marcus Romero. In a few moments we’ll return to our show. But now, a message from our sponsor, Douglas Horton. Take it away, Dougy.

Douglas: Friends, have you ever had those mornings when coffee just wasn’t enough to get your motor running. You feel that blah kind of feeling as you head to the office nearly falling asleep at your desk. Your boss comes in and you sit up with a jolt.

Boss: Higgins, I saw you nearly falling asleep. What’s wrong, my good man? You’ve always been a hard worker. It’s not like you to fall asleep.

Higgins: I have my regular coffee at home, but it just doesn’t give me enough energy. I don’t know what to do.

Boss: Calm yourself, Higgins. I have just the thing you need to give you energy at the office and at home for those special extracurricular activities with your wife, Carmilla. It’s called Superman Coffee. Yes, Superman Coffee. It contains only the finest coffee beans  from Cuba picked by Superman himself, that great fighter against injustice.

Higgins,one cup of Superman Coffee with Superman’s secret formula K-19 and I guarantee you can do your office work and have a lot of fun at home with your wife, if you know what I mean. Yes, Higgins my marriage has been so much better since I discovered Superman Coffee. My wife has me drinking four cups a day of it. I told her that I had to cut back to only two cups a day because I was flying to work. Good thing for me, I had too many cups of Superman coffee that day. When I landed at work two thugs tried to beat me up I just punched each one lightly, but they went soaring through the air into a garbage bin. So, Higgins,  be very careful not to have too much coffee. Boss gives Higgins a can of Superman Coffee.

Higgins: Thanks, boss. I know I’ll be filled with so much zest for life drinking Superman Coffee with the secret formula K-19. Higgins  returns to his wife after having two cups of Superman Coffee.

Carmilla: Darling, you’re home! Cue sound effects person to make the sounds of a door closing and Carmilla and Higgins kissing,  Darling, you have never kissed me with so much fiery passion before. Why are you so full of energy?

Higgins: Love, you know how I’ve been feeling so dragged down lately? Well, my boss saw that I was barely keeping awake at my desk. He…

Carmilla: Don’t tell me he fired you! Darling, jobs are not so easy to get. You know you were turned down by the Army because of your poor eyesight and flat feet. We can’t survive without your job, especially with the food rationing that is going on ,so our fighting troops can have all the food they need.

Higgins: Darling, my boss didn’t fire me. He wanted to help me with my low energy, so he gave me this can of Superman Coffee containing the secret formula K-19. One day the boss had four cups in a day. When he flew to work  that day the neighbours thought it looked rather strange. So, he only has two cups of Superman Coffee each day.

Carmilla: Darling, that’s why you kissed me with so much romantic passion. Have another cup now and I’ll have a cup too. Let’s go have some fun extracurricular activities. Cue sound effect of Carmilla and Higgins kissing each other.

Douglas: We hope you have enjoyed our show. Don’t forget folks to get your can, no, why not make it two cans of Superman Coffee with the super secret formula K-19. Your marriage will never be the same after you and your wife enjoy a cup of Superman Coffee. Just be careful not to fly around too much and break the furniture.

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