A Portrait of Promise Hopes Again

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portrait of male

I have a friend who walks closely with his Lord. He is one of the most positive, intelligent, creative and warm-hearted human-beings it is my joy to know.  He was institutionalized as a child. Over and over again he was told in so many different ways by many caring for him and even some of his family, that he was a piece of garbage. He was a burden to society. I honestly believe given the opportunity that someone caring for him would have killed him, even daring to call it a mercy killing.

Why did so many feel this way about a young lad, who even now cares far more for others than he does himself? Because he was different. He was born with cerebral palsy. He couldn’t crawl like other infants. He ended up needing care 24/7. He was not expected to live long. My friend showed many that…

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