Food Elimination Diet Week 11 – Is it worth it?

The theme music from Rocky plays in the background. Heh! It’s a tough diet. A fella needs some motivation for it. 

For those who are just joining me on my diet odyssey to determine my food allergens, I have now lost over 20 pounds of my 240 pounds. Much of this weight has been as a result of the need I had for steroid medication to help with my breathing . Pror to my exposure to perfume, cologne and vehicle exhaust that landed me in the ER a week ago, it is important to note that for over two months I had not needed to go to the ER.I didn’t need any inhalers! I believe that a major reason for this has been that the food elimination diet has reduced toxins in my body, which were making me more prone to increased sensitivities to foods and my environment.

I have now been given survival desserts to deal with my craving for ice-cream. No, you are still not safe to eat ice-cream around me. My primitive basic need for me want sweet food and me want it now still is there, but alas, I now have some dessert recipes in my food elimination diet arsenal. It is the soon to be famous Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

It really is quite scruptious and taste bud satisfying. Heh! So, it won’t be featured at Baskins & Robbins any time soon, but my mind is coming up with all kinds of fruit combinations to add with it. How about chocolate blueberry mousse or banana chocolate mousse? I’ll try both and other delicious combinations and give you a rating for them.

Without further delay a recipe for Chocolate Avocado Mousse you can do in five minutes or less.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

mash two avocados

add 1 tbsp of cocoa
1 tbsp of honey or maple syrrup ; could also substitute stevia
1 tsp of cocunut oil

-mix well or use food processor/blender
-can eat as is or frozen

On a serious note the body we have been given is a gift from God even with all its imperfections. When I was in my late thirties my doctor showed me a video on his computer of what happens to the heart when there is a heart attack. It showed how when there is a blockage of a coronary artery, the heart has to work overtime to operate. Over time the blockage can get worse as a result of bad diet and lifestyle choices.

Even though I was quite thin at the time the message was clear. Keep living a stressful and unhealthy life and I wouldn’t be around much longer. I was already getting high cholesterol readings.

My sister, Val, would get angry at me when she found out I had a double bacon cheeseburger. She warned me I had to start making healthier food choices. I didn’t listen. While I didn’t have a heart attack around that time doctors figured I had transient ischemic attacks, which are the warning signs before a stroke. I even may have had a mini stroke, and I hadn’t even reached 40!

I urge you the next time you are tempted to eat a whole bunch of junk food, think of your family. If you are a Christian, think about how you are grieving God’s heart as you shorten the time you will be healthy or even alive.

Then, as you look into the eyes of your spouse, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, colleague, pastor or friend, ask yourself this question. Is it worth it?

Don’t have them go through the torture of attending your funeral years before it was your time.

I know even more as I have seen the sadness and terror in Karen’s eyes seeing me taken away on an ambulance stretcher I am beginning to see, that any poor diet choices I made that added to the problem aren’t worth it.

Like many of you with your diets, I have stumbled a few times with my food elimination diet. Yet, as I write this piece, the Holy Spirit convicts me that if I want to be around for a longer season, then I need to get with God’s plan and have a far more healthier lifestyle.

Because God is worth it and so is my God-given bride, Karen.

My last word. John having a heart attack.

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