People’s Right to “Stink” Pretty is Killing You and Me

I landed in the ER at Englehart Hospital yesterday because of people being duped by high-priced media psychologists to use scented products. I was enjoying myself at the Englehart Fall Fair. Then, I was exposed to many women wearng perfume and men wearing cologne. I got dizzy. Then, I had breathing trouble. 40 mg of an antihistamine called reactine and two puffs of symbicort(a breathing inhaler for respiratory conditions) was not stopping the reaction. I knew I was in serious jeopardy. I remembered my training. Get the heck out of your toxic environment a.s.a.p. before it kills you.

I tried to get a taxi, but it wasn’t available for over an hour. I went out to the lobby. I thank God that a teenager with asthma was available. She went and got my pastor, Stephen Wuerch, who is the minister of St. Paul’s and Tomstown Presbyterian Churches.

In less than five minutes he was out at the front of our community centre to drive me home. He was so kind and reassuring. I felt really bad that I had to leave. I was helping my wife, Karen, by being at a table for our new business Images and Quotes. Karen does beautiful cross stitching. Her stained glass church window set is so intricate. Karen can cross stitch your favourite quote or name on a T-shirt or other clothes.

My reaction wasn’t improving at home. Karen returned from conducting important business to learn that I had to go home because of breathing problems. Within a few hours of her arrival even after two nebulizations and swallowing liquid Benadryl, my breathing was becoming halting and shallow.

Karen had to go through the totally unnecessary terror of seeing me taken away by ambulance yet one more time. Why? Because people insisted on their right to smell pretty over my right to live. They have cost me an undetermined time being a prisoner in my home, because with hyper-reactivity, my body will be seeking anything and everything to react to. It wants to protect me, but when it gets a trigger, any trigger, it will raise my histamine levels, thinking it is killing off a foreign invader.

I know you may be thinking, “I can wear perfume and cologne. The scented shampoos and conditioners I use won’t harm me.” Think again. I urge you to read the information in the following link from the Canadian Lung Association. Maybe then, I hope to God, you will get the message loud and clear, that you are killing you and me with such actions.

Churches, schools and businesses need to develop no scent policies. No scents should mean no scents, period. I had a nurse caring for me in the hospital, who insisted on her right to wear her scented products over my right to live. She could have killed me, but she didn’t care. I reported her to the Head of nurses for the floor. She was removed from my care, and another nurse took her place. She was then ordered to take a shower and told never to violate hospital policy again.

Politicians need to develop laws banning all scented products. Companies should take the initiative and develop shampoo, conditioner, cologne, and cleaning products that aren’t harmful to the environment or our health.

Those of you who continue to insist on their right to smell pretty over my right and the rights of all people with conditions like asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity and me with both MCS and a mast cell proliferation disease called systemic mastocytosis are killing us and at the very least robbing us of quality of life, which is our constitutional right. We shouldn’t have to live like the boy in a bubble. We shouldn’t be prisoners in our own homes. 

You need to care far more about your health. Tests with lab rats are conclusively proving that the carcinogens in perfume are causing them to have cancer. Take an hour of your time to watch a video on how people with multiple chemical sensitivity can no longer work because of people’s right to “stink” pretty over their right to a career and life itself. I feel for them because I have multiple chemical sensitivity too.

Because of people’s insensitivity and being duped by high-priced media psychologists that you need all the scented and cleaning products they offer to be accepted in society, I will be confined as a prisoner in my home for a minimum of two weeks. I will not be able to go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner with Karen. I cannot go to church. I will not be able to go to the library or a grocery store. . 

The last word. The way we think about the wearing of scented products and the use of chemical cleaners needs to change. We need to join together and send the perfume and chemical cleaner manufacturers a message, that they need to produce more healthier alternatives for the sake of your health and mine. With my mastocytosis each attack I have shortens my life a little more as it alters the structure of my cells to dangerous levels. Those who care nothing about me or people like me are killing us as surely as they injected us with poison.

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