Why does God want Agape International Ministries started?

July 22,2013
My dear friends and prayer partners:
This morning I would like to offer churches,Bible colleges and seminaries throughout the world a gift of the song You are the God who Sees Me. I have my own tune for it, but I’d like to see what your musicians come up with in terms of vocal and instrumental. I would like you to prayerfully consider using it and Were you there?”for fundraising for your church or school. Please also prayerfully consider having fundraisers to start the worldwide poverty alleviation foundation Agape International Ministries. http://lnkd.in/fxTrV3 https://osborne2029.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/song-lyric-were-you-there/
Many of you have already seen God’s 5 Point International Poverty Alleviation Plan. I have worked over 800 hours since March 1st of this year sharing it. As of this morning 1,096 contacts on Linkedin now have access to  it.
Why have I dedicated so much of my own personal time to such a humanly impossible undertaking?  It’s because I believe and know we serve a God who makes what the world regards as impossible possible.It’s because God spoke to my heart that poverty in all its forms grieves and angers His heart. He is calling the world to live more simply. 
We have enough wealth in the world, so that no baby, man, woman or child has to go hungry. The way that some hoard their vast wealth while a child is digging through a garbage dump in Thailand, while a child here in North America is going to bed hungry at night, while innocent children are the victims of sexual trafficking because their parents are too poor to look after them, while a homeless person is dying in the bitter cold, while those who are earnestly trying to escape the vicious cycle of poverty, while there is one soul without light or hope — it is for these people and all those who live in poverty in spirit and body, that the Lord is reaching out to.
Yes, as Robert Pierce, who is the Founder of World Vision wrote in the fly leaf of his Bible. “Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.”
Yet, if we remain with broken hearts, we like F.D.R. wrote, will have a paralyzing fear, which results in inaction.
I believe as Malala said so eloquently and yet with a burning clarity. “There is power in one teacher, one book and one pen. I would add that there is power in one heart dedicated with passion and commitment to the reduction and hopeful eventual elimination of poverty in their community, and in our global village.
We can overcome injustice with love. In a world of increasing darkness we can be ambassadors of light and hope. 
Christ puts the power within us to be instruments of change in the lives of others. Let none of us be spectators. Let us all be in this battle together for a more just and kinder world, where everyone is given that strong arm to lead them from hopelessness to hope, from anger to joy, from despair to a new-found purpose in their lives.
We shall overcome together.

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