God’s Five Point International Plan For Poverty Alleviation

“Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.” -Robert Pierce Founder Word Vision. Poverty breaks God’s heart. In March this year under the leading of the Holy Spirit, I began a journey of sharing God’s 5 Point Plan For Poverty Alleviation.I pray that there will be those who God speaks to that will help me begin Agape International Ministries(AIM),which will carry out God’s poverty reduction plan. It will need seed money until it becomes self-supporting through people donating creative work in every career field. This plan has the potential to release many from poverty permanently.

Singers,teachers,philanthropists,human resource directors,seminary deans,professors,missionaries,doctors,chaplains,entrepreneurs,inventors,artists,musicians,actors,vocal coaches,disability advocates,social workers,pastors,politicians,business strategists,students,theologians,philosophers,writers,journalists,nurses,naturopathic doctors,chiropractors,academic supervisors,game developers,gas station owners,food and beverage workers,nuns,priests,bishops,cardinals,lawyers,social activists,social advocates,counselors,psychologists,psychiatrists,visionary business leaders,accountants,economists,bank managers,CEOS,comedians,visionaries,retired professionals,dentists,opticians and optometrists–God needs all of you and any other career I haven’t mentioned to carry out God’s poverty reduction plan.

Even if you aren’t a person of faith as I have been reading your profiles a commonality in our lives emerges. All of us are givers. We all cry in our own way over seeing those images on TV of a child’s stomach bloated from malnutrition,seeing hopelesness etched on the faces of the homeless,the mother on welfare struggling to survive,seeing a woman or man die a slow and painful death as hope dies, because they have sent out so many resumes, they could wall paper a room with them.

What if working together we could remove many from government social assistance? What if you used your knowledge to mentor a person in poverty? What if you could say to the naysayers, who say that poverty will be with us always, that through the concept of paying it forward, there is a practical plan so many can say good-bye to poverty for the rest of their life? Would you take some of your time and talent to promote such a cause?

What if you could be a traveling ambassador, sharing God’s 5 Point Plan For Poverty Alleviation? Would you do it if the foundation paid for your food,accommodation and any costs connected with travel?

Would there be anyone willing to approach their contacts about providing seed money to get the foundation started, if it could be self-supporting within one year of its operation?

I have now worked over 600 hours on sharing God’s poverty alleviation plan with you. I desperately need your help. Like all of you, I have my very real human limitations.

Yet, when I gave my life to Christ over 30 years ago my life became His. I gave Him full charge over my life. I gave my Lord all of my gifts and talents. Whatever He required of me, I said I would do it. In all that I have done in my life I have sought to bring hope into the lives of others. I have tried to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives.

I have said to my loving and supportive wife, Karen, that if God asked it of me, I would fight for others with my last breath. That is my calling. That was the commitment I made to my saviour. It is the covenant promise I seek to renew in my spirit each day.

Like all who know Christ or even embrace that we are all on this earth for a unique purpose, we collectively agree, that we seek out how we can be a better me.

It is in that spirit of a mutual fraternity of being growing human-beings, that I am appealing to all of you for your help. Fundraising and philanthropy are gifts that are far from being fully developed in me. I need those who possess such abilities to show me the way. How can I get the foundation from dream to reality? Are there those who would be willing to provide seed funds to get the foundation started? Would corporate leaders and businesses CEOS approach their Boards and employees about community fundraising events?

This poverty reduction plan won’t solve the pervasive and complex problem of poverty. Many have criticized me that the plan while well-meaning will never become a reality. Have we become so skeptical a society, that we have stopped dreaming of a better and more equal world where everyone no matter how poor they are can have that job or education they never thought they could afford?

I would far rather be criticized for being a dreamer rather than being a messenger of gloom, despair and a self-perpetuating cynicism.

I end with this thought. It is a quote from the playwright George Bernard Shaw. “Some men see things as they are, and say Why? I dream things that never were and say Why Not?”

Please prayerfully consider and reflect upon all I have shared. I welcome your comments and most importantly your help in carrying out God’s 5 Point Plan For Poverty Alleviation, which is below this letter.

I extend my heart-felt thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this appeal for help.

I am a blessed man indeed for having all of you in my life.

I open all of you up to the river of God’s richest and most beautiful blessings.



5 Point Plan For Poverty Alleviation:


1)Bursaries and scholarships for the physically, developmentally and mentally challenged, those on welfare, disability and the working poor. 

2 The establishment of a worldwide charitable foundation to give dream funds in any area of need, so those who have stopped dreaming can hope again, If they need medications the government won’t provide, the foundation will provide it for the rest of their life if necessary. Partnerships will be made with those in corporations and business, who can help with dream projects such as the building of a fully accessible house for a disabled person, dental work where government programs won’t provide help, the building of housing for those with multiple chemical sensitivity, who need specialized accommodation for their disability, the building and staffing of naturopathic hospitals in all countries working in concert with conventional medicine to maximize patient wellness, grants for people to start their own businesses, and funding of charitable and community projects where other organizations cannot provide that funding. All individual and community projects
where need is demonstrated will be considered by the Directors. 

3) A Pay it forward contract of honesty will be established. Those who have had their dreams for better health, a meaningful career or further education realized, will be asked to give to others, so their dreams can come true. For every year of having a dream scholarship they will be expected to give one year of service and donation of their time and talents to the foundation as mentors to foundation applicants, who need career and skill development. 

4) Paid vacations and retreats for those on low incomes, the terminally ill, the working poor, those on disability, welfare and with mental illness. 

5) Show the foundation your talent whether it is in business, music, writing or whatever field, and those proving need will be given dream scholarships. Mentors who will join the charitable foundation will help all to realize their dreams, honing the talents that are already there 

Karen and I will offer our gifts to the foundation. The proceeds from any creative work we do will be donated to the foundation. 

We will only get from the Director and those supporting that individual an income to live from that is deemed to be reasonable.

Here is an illustration of how the pay it forward concept would work. A foundation applicant offers the proceeds from one of their songs to carry on the foundation’s work. A top celebrity agrees to mentor the struggling songwriter. The media finds out. The song royalties because of the top celebrity’s volunteer involvement makes $1,000,000 in one year. 

Let us say the Directors of the foundation agree that this vocalist who was living on welfare is given a 20 percent royalty for the rest of their life, and also it would become part of the singer’s estate.

The songwriter now has $200,000. The foundation just in one year alone has $800,000 to continue its work. The royalties continue earning the songwriter an average income of $100,000 a year for the next five years, and an average of $50,000 a year for the next five years after that, even when sales drop off. In eleven years the singer has earned $200,000 the first year, $500,000 for the next five years and $250,000 for the five years after that. In 11 years the songwriter has made $950,000. 

Without the mentoring from a top celebrity the songwriter would have likely remained in poverty. He might have even joined a gang because he came to believe that through stealing and hurting others he could escape the vicious cycle of poverty in his family.

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