Praying for Boston and our world


Almighty God, our hearts go out to the people of Boston. 
Bring comfort to the families affected by this terrible tragedy. 
Be with all the emergency services personnel who have seen people with 
limbs that have been blown off. Give them the time they need to emotionally 
heal from all the terror, trauma and souls so shattered, wounded and feeling 
an icy fear that causes their bodies to shake and their hearts to pound. 

Give President Obama and the team supporting him the strength and endurance 
they will need as they undertake all their individual tasks. 
We thank you Lord for all the doctors, nurses, emergency services counselors and 
workers who are on the scene using their training to help those in need. 
Lord, they will grow weary in their own humanity. Give them all a strength that comes 
from You to sustain them. When they get worn down bring others who will 
replace them, so having done their duty well, they will take time to rest. 

Our world is now in a state of terror. 
Lord, we remember all too well the tragedy of 911. 
Calm our fears with Your perfect love. 
Let us join together offering both our prayers and practical support in whatever 
way You speak to us to do. 

Lord, we pray for justice for whoever is responsible for this senseless act of 
bullish and evil violence. 
Help the authorities to find the individual(s) or group(s) responsible for 
killing innocent lives, who were there in Boston to celebrate Patriot’s Day. 
The joy of this event is now shrouded with deep dark sorrow. 
We pray for the families who have lost loved ones. 
Bring the people they need to be with them through their grief, not just now and in these coming days, but for however long help is needed. 

Comfort us all as we go to bed tonight. 
We are filled with anger and fear for our world. 
Protect us all from the power of the Enemy, who is a lion seeking whom He shall devour. 
Let us be ambassadors of Your unconditional love in our communities, reaching out to all those in need with our prayers, a warrior-like faith, and a dedication to You and one another to be living letters of life and light in an ever-darkening world. 


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